Aiyima remote control codes

I "upgraded" my old Technics SU-VX700 amplifier a couple weeks ago. After 15 years of loyal service I wanted to switch to something that had digital inputs, was more energy efficient, and had a remote control. After some digging I found the Aiyima D03. It checked all the boxes + was tiny, had bluetooth and was and only 150 euros. I call it "upgraded" because the Technics was a beast of a Class AA (whatever that means) amplifier and probably very Hifi worthy, the D03 might be considered a downgrade by audiophiles, but I'm not sophisticated enough to be able to tell the difference. Mind you, I am sophisticated enough to be very annoyed by TVs without external speakers. I think both amps sound great on my Linn Keilidh speakers. The remote control was nice, but it's a separate one from my tv. Using the optical toslink output the volume buttons on my TV do nothing. Annoying for me and my family and very confusing for guests who wonder why the TV has no sound. I s

Cowboy C3 battery teardown / disassembly and rear light fix

A bit over a week ago the rear light of my Cowboy v3 / C3 broke down. Everything else was fine. Update on January 4th 2024: In the end I managed to fix the light. Check the bottom of the post for the conclusion. Thanks to reddit user  icannotfindagoodname  for the help in finding the issue! After chatting with Cowboy support they offered me a new battery for 490 euros and that they would also send an offer with a discount, which appeared a couple days later. The discounted price was 367 euros. A bit much for a broken LED module! The battery was still totally fine. So I'll attempt to fix it myself and I'll show you how to disassemble the battery here. WARNING - DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME Now I need to warn you to not try this at home. I have been working with electronics for a long long time and I know what to do and what not to do, and most importantly, know what I should not even try. Battery packs are not a joke and could lead to serious fire and health problems if not handled co

Capitalism's Greatest Trick

[ this is a draft ] Capitalism's greatest trick has been to give companies legal rights, thereby channeling very strong human instincts towards economic prosperity. Part 1 - Survival instinct is extremely powerful There are human forces that drive our behavior. These have been shaped by basic evolutionary measures. Here are two, but there are more. All humans have an evolutionary developed need for survival. Survival instinct is real and a very strong force. People under existential threats will do amazing things to survive. Some humans have a competitive desire to conquer, to wage war and take resources of others. The competitive desires results in higher chances of passing on genes, but is less strong than Survival Instinct. In most of human history, these forces have focussed on basic human needs for survival and gene reproduction: owning food, land, power, sexual relations. Part 2 - Humans act as groups  As humanity progressed, humans have collaborated and acted as groups. Huma

Parenting and the Big Mental Energy Dip

During my late teens and early twenties I had an incredible amount of energy. And I would mostly put that to good use. When I was a parent it collapsed incredibly hard, but the good news is, it does come back! This slightly self-absorbed post (sorry about that) is written to celebrate that but also as an encouragement to other parents. I've always been blessed with a lot of energy to get things done. 1 - When I was 16-18, I worked 20+ hours per week while being a full time high school student. I also set out to watch all IMDB Top 250 movies within a year or two. On many weeknights I watched 2, 3 or 4 films after 9pm. I would go to bed around 4am and be at school at 8:20am. Healthy no, but it was fun and I did it for a long time. I never finished all 250, but got really close! 2 - At ages 18 to 22 I went for two full-time university degrees in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence simultaneously. I also started my own company, joined two study groups and had plenty of parties

Why Only Type-hints?

Whether you're working with Javascript / TypeScript or in Python, type annotations are a thing. On Hacker News we've seen big debates on whether types improve code quality or are just cargo-cult slowing us down. Now here's the thing: I've come to believe there's something very backwards in our approach to type hinting. Let me explain why. Historically most languages were designed with types baked in. Think C, Fortran and probably most languages one level above Assembly. Types are a simple idea and were needed so that the compiler could figure out what operations to perform, e.g. the  +  operator has defined behavior on integers, and another on strings. With dynamic languages such as Python or Javascript, types were handled in the interpreter at runtime and no longer necessary in the language itself. In the last decade, with the rise of TypeScript and Python type hinting we're adding types back, not because the language needs them, but so that tooling can help us

Things I Didn't Build Yet

Here are some ideas I've been thinking about for a long time. In some cases I've started a prototype, in others it's just some thoughts. There are too many ideas for me to build in a lifetime, so I'm just posting them here, even though I might work on some in the future. Ideas are cheap, execution is hard. If you're interested in starting a business based on this, please let me know as a courtesy :) I just want these solutions to exist so I can use them. Discuss these ideas on hacker news CloudSound Software businesses are silent. Let's change that. CloudSound makes your business events audible from a Chrome tab. You stream your logs to cloudsound and you can hear what's happening with a custom soundboard. A payment made? Ka-ching! An error? <alarm>. New customer? Get in tha choppah! At some point if there's a lot of traffic it can be made into acoustically pleasing ambient sounds. The way game music changes if there's an end-boss. The idea is


It's 2022 and I am a wannabe minimalist that owns way too much stuff. A small part of my belongings are the things that I really value and/or use every day. This post is about that kind of  gear . If anything on this list gets lost or breaks down, I will instantly buy it again. My three thoughts about "stuff". Material goods do not matter, so try not to think or worry about them any more than absolutely necessary. (Am I doing that by writing this post? Maybe...) A corollary: I never get insurance for anything that I can pay out of pocket without breaking a sweat. We are destroying the planet, let's try to limit our footprint. Reduce, reuse, recycle, in that order. Good tools are delightful and indispensable. Clothing. I like to wear the same clothes on most days so I don't have to think about what I wear. I own about 2 to 6 of each item below and cycle them throughout the week. Jeans, no brand. 40 euro. Brown leather belt. 20 euro. New Balance shoes, typically typ