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Aiyima remote control codes

I "upgraded" my old Technics SU-VX700 amplifier a couple weeks ago. After 15 years of loyal service I wanted to switch to something that had digital inputs, was more energy efficient, and had a remote control. After some digging I found the Aiyima D03. It checked all the boxes + was tiny, had bluetooth and was and only 150 euros. I call it "upgraded" because the Technics was a beast of a Class AA (whatever that means) amplifier and probably very Hifi worthy, the D03 might be considered a downgrade by audiophiles, but I'm not sophisticated enough to be able to tell the difference. Mind you, I am sophisticated enough to be very annoyed by TVs without external speakers. I think both amps sound great on my Linn Keilidh speakers. The remote control was nice, but it's a separate one from my tv. Using the optical toslink output the volume buttons on my TV do nothing. Annoying for me and my family and very confusing for guests who wonder why the TV has no sound. I s