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[TSTIL] Mendix Cloud v4 - Part 1 - How it got started

[ This is a part of " The Software That I Love ", a series of posts about Software that I created or had a small part in ] 2016 - Mendix Cloud v4 - Part 1 - How it got started We had been building a big new cloud for a year or two, but we did not have a name. I was the Product Manager for "it". Should we call it the Real Mendix Cloud? The Scalable Mendix Cloud? The Next-Gen Mendix Cloud? Or a brand name like e.g. Heroku, HP Helion, IBM BlueMix were doing. After brainstorming with Roald it dawned on me that this was actually our 4th generation cloud offering. Why not simply call it v4? Customers had always had lots of confusion on where their apps were hosted. They called it "the Mendix Cloud", the "Achiel Cloud" or the "Hans Cloud". If we now said "you are on v2" or v3, and you need to go to v4 because of X, that'd be a pretty simple explanation. I really liked the simplicity of the v4 name and pushed for it. No one had a