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Browsers Should Shame ISPs for not Providing IPv6

tldr; I propose something like in this image, so browsers put some pressure on ISP's and webhosts to adopt ipv6 For years we have heard that the Internet is about to break because the world is running out of ipv4 addresses. Sad, but not true. In my career as a programmer I've seen dirty hacks grow into extremely elaborate systems, despite the fact that they were originally set up to solve only moderately difficult problems. NATting is certainly a dirty hack, and now that ipv4 addresses are running out we're going to see lots of multi-level NAT gateways, which are certainly elaborate systems if they need to provide high availability. The problem is that these elaborate systems are difficult to maintain, and with each additional change you sink deeper into the quicksand. So even though I believe engineers will be able to work around the problems in ever dirtier ways it would be really good for the Internet if we could throw away the old system and switch to ipv6 en