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WTF Google

tl;dr: Google charged me 5$ for a Chrome Developer's account two months ago and I still can't get into my account, although I've reported the problem right away. Apparently going public is the only way to get their attention.

Two months ago I created my first Chrome Extension. I had an itch using a crappy website. With a Chrome Extension you can run your own javascript in other websites which can greatly improve their user experience. That doesn't really matter. What does matter is that I could not publish the extension.

I have an Android app for another itch that had to be scratched. When I created that, I had to pay $25 to sign up for a Developers Account. This was for administration purposes and as a measure to prevent fraudulent applications or whatever. Ok, I get that. Besides, $25 is peanuts. So I paid.

But now Google wants even more peanuts. I thought having a Google Account meant being able to use it on all Google Services. Silly me. Of course I only had my *An…