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I moved a 4000 line coffeescript project to typescript and I liked it

TLDR: jump straight to the TypeScript section
About 8 months ago I started a new complex web app in javascript, and it quickly grew out of hand.
It had:
a server with routesa singleton object with state, logic and helper functionsa bunch of similar plugins that extend functionalitythe singleton object lives both on the server and on the client Very soon I decided that javascript allowed too much patterns. I wanted modules, classes and easy binding on the this keyword.
Someone recommended CoffeeScript and I went with it.
The codebase expanded to about 4000 LOC in a matter of weeks.

So CoffeeScript hm, what about it? These are my experiences after maintaining a non-trivial coffeescript application for a couple of months.
Programming was quicker, stuff you want is already in the language. (classes, inheritance, array comprehension, filters)Less verbose.for k,v in objectfat arrow"string interpolation #{yes.please}"Cons:
fat arrow is very similar to thin arrow, git diff thinks…