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The software that I love

Pride. When interviewing candidates I always ask "tell me something that you are proud of." Sometimes you get a blank stare. That person is down and dealing with some shit. Luckily most of the time the eyes light up and the person starts talking about them at their best . I love those moments. As in Peter Thiel's "From 0 to 1", I want to see the best in people and then see if we can deal with the bad. In the end, I ask "so this is all great, but what will we have to learn to live with if we hire you?". On the one hand I'd like to prepare myself, but the question tests for self-reflection too. It works well. But back to proud. I've been dealing with some shit too, and there have been a bit more downs than ups lately. This blog post/diary is a way to make my eyes sparkle and remind myself of the things I have built and still love. These are short stories in chronological order. There's a lot more to life than software, but this focused forma