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Parenting and the Big Mental Energy Dip

During my late teens and early twenties I had an incredible amount of energy. And I would mostly put that to good use. When I was a parent it collapsed incredibly hard, but the good news is, it does come back! This slightly self-absorbed post (sorry about that) is written to celebrate that but also as an encouragement to other parents. I've always been blessed with a lot of energy to get things done. 1 - When I was 16-18, I worked 20+ hours per week while being a full time high school student. I also set out to watch all IMDB Top 250 movies within a year or two. On many weeknights I watched 2, 3 or 4 films after 9pm. I would go to bed around 4am and be at school at 8:20am. Healthy no, but it was fun and I did it for a long time. I never finished all 250, but got really close! 2 - At ages 18 to 22 I went for two full-time university degrees in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence simultaneously. I also started my own company, joined two study groups and had plenty of parties