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Some experiences with Puppet

For political correctness I will use the term Chefpet for either Chef or Puppet. At Mendix we are now managing quite a lot of servers. They are all very similar. Over the last year we've set up about 200 new servers with the same bash script. Whenever we updated the script, we pushed the changes to the existing servers using Fabric. From the start we anticipated and indeed soon ran into an issue: "This will not scale." Everyone in the devops field, or in a startup that grows too fast, will tell you that you require a tool like Chefpet or if you are very brave CFEngine. So, this week we decided to give Puppet a try, next week we'll try Chef. We're probably going to write up on this on the Mendix Tech Blog, but I can already tell you this: When I first read someone comment " So, if you're in the market, good luck making your choice. I'm not making a recommendation here because, quite frankly, I wouldn't recommend either to anyone other than