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WTF Google, you stole my $5 - Update

A couple of weeks ago I posted about this issue I had with my Google Chrome Developers account. After a minor public outrage (#1 on Hacker News for an hour or two) I thought: this can go two ways, either they fix the problem perfectly right now and send me apologies and a free phone or something, or they keep ignoring it. Either way: I should tell the world how it went.

Well, the actual outcome was somewhere in the middle. After three days of silence I got a reply on the Chromium Apps discussion board from Google's Developer Advocate Joe Marini. He apologized, said that the issue had been fixed and so it had. No big deal and certainly no free phone ;) (Bummer, my old HTC Vision just broke down)

I published my extension straight away. The status turned to published but it did not show up in search and neither was I able to install it. I waited, after two days hit published again. Now the status turned to pending review. I waited two weeks. I posted this new issue on the Chromium Ap…