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2012 - Decrypt.py

With my new python skills I created a funny little program called decrypt.py. I had done some hard disk recovery for a friend, and found it a bit ironic that the end result was so bland. It just said "19783 files recovered". In movies it's always way more dramatic. My creation brings the drama back to boring things. It takes input, shows garbled text on the screen and slowly reveals the original content. You can view a demo on the github page.

It only took a couple of hours to build, but the main thing about decrypt.py is that it got me really hooked on Hacker News. I had discovered it a couple of months before, but had never posted anything. Now with this post I reached the top spot for a couple of hours (I think?) and saw the comments and upvotes coming in. It was very addictive. I've reached the top place a couple of times now and it's a rush every time. There have been very few days that I have not visited the orange website since 2012, and I did learn a lot from it.

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