Is there a definitive guide to making Facebook applications?

Last month I've made a Facebook application and I was appalled by almost every step in the process. Apparently there have been tons of changes in the way application developing worked. The developers documentation is like spaghetti, it is simply horrible. There are remnants of old, unsupported code everywhere. (Just take a look at But maybe I just don't get it, so please tell me if you think I'm wrong.

Now that I know how it should be done (I'm still not happy with the way it works), I could write a clear introduction to developing apps for Facebook. The thing is: I don't like to do work that's already been done. So: could you please let me know whether there is a good introduction to Facebook application development? Could you also let me know if you think such a guide is necessary? Please comment.

FYI my application is called My Library (


  1. I totally agree. I've had all the same problems, and for the few weeks I've been doing some Facebook development I haven't been able to find a proper guide.

  2. Have you managed to make a good app though?


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