Coming soon, social graph analysis in your browser

Over the last couple of months I've been spending some of my spare time on this project. A web-based interface to twitter analysis.

It works thus:
  1. Generate a network. (consisting of all followers of @xxxx, @xxxx himself and all followers of @yyyy but not @yyyy himself)
  2. Download the data from twitter. (And cache the results to my server, twitter has a horrible 150 requests per hour policy)
  3. Let a grouping algorithm put similar people close together (in a web worker, hurray!)
  4. Let the user analyse the created network. In the image above I have selected the followers of some of my friends and I am currently checking my influence within their connections.
Looks promising, when do you release?
Within a week or two. I have some cool stuff that I want to throw in and I need to fix some caching/proxy issues.

How did you make this?
Javascript, jQuery, web-workers, intelligence (in my brain), and simple html/css


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