Every Day Shampoo

Naming things is hard. Especially names for things that you want to market. From personal experience I can say that it's a lot easier to name a kid than to name a company or a product, but maybe that's just me.

The BEST product name I've ever come across is "Every Day Shampoo". I've seen it only in the Netherlands, where it's called "Iedere dag" but it probably exists in other countries too. Bottles of "Every Day Shampoo" are surrounded by exotic shampoos called "Ocean Breeze", "Rainforest Fresh" or ones with feature focused names such as "Anti-frizz" and "Colour Lock".

Instead, "Every Day Shampoo" simply tells you that you can use it every - single - day! Before this product came to market, people used to wonder if it's healthy to shampoo every day. Now they no longer need to think about that! Or at least they don't if only they buy this shampoo right now! Because maybe the others are actually bad for your hair!?  I like to think about how much more shampoo this company has sold because of this brilliant name.

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