What's so great about software?

[this is a work in progress]

One of the things you should understand before reading this series of blog posts, is why I think software is so amazing. I also think it's terrible, but that's another post.

1. It is ridiculously cheap to get started with software.

Carving wooden toys is probably cheaper because you only need wood and a knife, but for software, you need:
- the ability to read and think somewhat logically
- a second hand laptop, which you can buy for about $50 - $100
- power
- an internet connection (or a manual)

Mind you, it will take lots of time and effort

2. It is practically free to copy digital resources.

All things that can be stored digitally can be copied for almost free. If you wanted to reach thousands of people before 

3. It is ridiculously cheap to scale software.

WhatsApp famously scaled to a billion (?) users with a team of about 50 people. Their servers each connected millions of users at the same time. With clever engineering, anything is possible.

4. The amount of abstraction involved in programming is staggering, and there is plenty of room at the top.

Someone created a calculator in Minecraft. I estimate it's about a trillion times slower than your computer would normally calculate things, and still, the Minecraft calculator is faster than most humans! Computers are very, very fast.

5. Since about 10 years, humans have gained the ability to connect to any person and any device at any time.

We have only started to scratch the surface of what we have made possible.

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