Lego Mindstorms NXT Brick on Windows 10

I have an old NXT Brick at home, and tried to get it to run to teach my son a bit of programming. It turns out that this is quite hard in 2021 with Windows 10.

After a while I figured it out! It turns out that there are 3 types of software:
  1. The old NXT Software -> does not work in Windows 10 
  2. The new EV3 app (from the Microsoft store) -> does not support NXT Brick 
  3. The Retired EV3 app (installable .exe) -> Supports Windows 10 and has a backwards compatible mode for NXT Bricks. 

 So, if you have an NXT Brick and Windows 10, you need the Retired EV3 software. It's shown on the lego website like this:
I hope this helped you.


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