[TSTIL] JTJ Rekenen

[ This is a part of "The Software That I Love", a series of posts about Software that I created or had a small part in ]

1996 - JTJ Rekenen

Niels, my dad, had a 13-year career at HP (later Agilent). He started servicing mass spectrometers and ended up as a programmer. He always loved computers. He was pushing me to get into software from about age 8 or 9. We started developing a small program together that taught kids how to do maths. My dad did most of the work, and we created this together with my friend Joscha. We called it JTJ Rekenen. JTJ stood for "Jouke-Thiemo Joscha", Rekenen is Arithmatic. We contemplated calling it JJT but JTJ sounded cooler. The program did simple addition, multiplication etc. In hindsight, I believe the logic for division was full of problems.

The UI let you practice +, -, * and /, and turned the screen green if the answer was good and red if bad. I sold this little program to my school for about 50 guilders. I was pretty proud, but in reality my dad made most of the software while my friend and I watched and did some simple things and nodded a lot. JTJ Rekenen was built in Delphi or Visual Basic. I forgot which, but we used both at this time.

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