Struggle as a Service

For most of us, life is the easiest and most comfortable it has ever been in all of history. We have better healthcare than royalty had 100 years ago, we fly around the world for fun and all the information and entertainment we could ever want is at our fingertips. In most civilized countries there's even decent welfare systems for the have-nots.

Although social media and climate change are giving us major anxiety, it sure beats hunger, plagues, world wars or nuclear gloom. Humans have evolved with constant discomfort, and now we're comfortable.

This is a reason for boredom and restlessness in the modern world. We want to be challenged and experience risks. Instead of life on easy mode we need struggle.

Perhaps this explains why seemingly normal people that have lots of other options start companies that do not make a lot of financial sense. There's a need to prove oneself, to work really hard, and to experience risks. Startups definitely let you do that. Whenever I see SaaS, I think Struggle as a Service.


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