[TSTIL] The HP 49g

[ This is a part of "The Software That I Love", a series of posts about Software that I created or had a small part in ]

2004 - The HP 49g

In secondary school, everyone that did "advanced" maths had to get a TI 83+ calculator. Being an "HP family", my dad bought me an HP 49g+ calculator with RPN. I loved that thing. Going against the grain and doing things differently is very important to me. Here I had to get special permission from school to use this device because it was not the approved crappy TI calculator. Luckily I had a really cool maths teacher (hello Mr. Pieke!) and he made it happen.

I loved RPN and stack-based programming. I created all kinds of small programs in User RPL. On holidays I would be programming stuff in my tent. On hpcalc.org I downloaded all kinds of knowledge bases for e.g. the periodic table and loved reading things from the calculator. The calculator broke down at some point, then I bought a 49g+, but that was stolen from my student room later. I still miss it.

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